Headstall Details and Options
B r o w b a n d   h e a d s t a l l

Cheyenne in a browband headstall. This headstall does not have a forehead tassel.  Notice how smoothly the LittleJoe halter fits under the bridle. The halter shown is 3mm azure.


Detail of the browband headstall without tassel

Another view of Cheyenne wearing the browband headstall in red mix and black

Keem's headstall is royal blue and white, with a forehead tassel. In this picture it is being used with a lariat rope noseband instead of a bit.


Keem's forehead tassle

Our removable tassels can be made with one or two colors of 3mm rope and black, gray, or chestnut hair. These tassels can easily be added to or removed from any item of tack without the use of metal clips. We will gladly make tassels with hair that you provide, perhaps as a memento of a favorite horse! Each tassel requires a hank of hair at least 12 inches long and about as big around as a thumb. We will return any unused hair. Price: $9.95 each, or two for $17.95

D o u b l e   E a r   H e a d s t a l l|

Cheyenne wearing a double-ear headstall made of camouflage, orange mix and black. The halter under the headstall is 3mm azure.



Close-up of the right ear loop on the double-ear bridle. The size and shape of the ear loop can be changed by adjusting the knot below the ear. In these bridles, the throatlatch piece goes directly down from the poll for an elegant, clean look.


S i n g l e   E a r   H e a d s t a l l

Cheyenne in a single-eared headstall made of purple and Niteline. This picture shows the ear loop on the left ear, but it can quickly and easily be moved to either ear.


Close-up of  'non-ear' side of the single-ear headstall. On this side, the throatlatch rope goes directly down from the poll.