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The bareback pad perfected
  1. Double-billet rigging
   2. D-rings for optional stirrup attachment
   3. Padding will not shift, pack or deteriorate
   4. Top-quality split cowhide seat

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Detailed bareback saddle photos


Regular billet vs. new
longer billet

The Bareback Pad Perfected:
Our Double-Billet Bareback Saddle

We believe it's the most secure, most comfortable,
most versatile bareback pad on the market today

Whether you ride English or Western, bareback riding is unsurpassed as a way to learn balance, a good independent seat, timing and coordination.  But a bareback rider may be so worried about falling that he is unable to relax and move with the horse!  Our bareback saddles provide the best advantages of bareback riding while also giving the rider a level of security and confidence not possible with a traditional bareback pad.  They feature:

  • Exclusive girth design fastens with leather billets and English-style girth for unsurpassed security:
    - Saddle is nearly slip-proof
    - Use your horse's most comfortable girth
    - No metal buckle on your horse's belly or side

  • Split cowhide seat for superior traction and comfort

  • Padding will not compact or deteriorate

  • Absorbent and comfortable

  • Side D-rings for optional stirrup attachment

  • Sturdy enough to use every day

  • Comes in many attractive color combinations

  • Comes with free no-bunch saddle blanket that helps keep your saddle clean!

Includes free
saddle blanket!

I'd like more details, please!

for those of you with large horses!

We are now pleased to offer longer billets on any bareback saddle at no extra charge. When we first designed our bareback saddle, we made it to fit horses like our own--basically medium-sized, around 15 hands. However, since then a number of people with larger horses have suggested that we make the billets longer, so they have a wider range of girths available to them.

The large billets are recommended for horses 16 hands or over, or for shorter horses who have a very round build.

Our regular billets are about 12-13 inches long when measured from the bottom edge of the saddle, and are the ones seen in all the photographs on this site. The longer billets are 18-19 inches long (see comparison photo at left.)

NOTE: when ordering a saddle, please specify regular or long billets. There is no charge for longer billets AT THE TIME YOU ORDER, but if you return a saddle to have the billets changed, there will be a $40.00 charge because of the labor involved. This charge will apply on orders placed after 8-14-2006.


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