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Above: standard saddle blanket.  This LittteJoe saddle has  been customized by the rider with the addition of saddle strings and stirrup covers.

Above: new shaped  blanket

        No-Bunch Saddle Blankets
        for the LittleJoe bareback saddle

  • FREE with purchase of a LittleJoe bareback saddle!  

  • Choice of two styles: standard or shaped

  • Machine washable. Helps keep your saddle clean!

  • Exclusive fleece underside keeps your horse's back comfortable

  • Innovative designs are contoured to your horse's curves--won't wrinkle or bunch & become uncomfortable

  • Express yourself!  Match your horse or choose your favorite color.

Make your horse more comfortable with a blanket that really fits... and help keep your LittleJoe bareback saddle clean at the same time.  What could be better?

Since these blankets are intended to go with our bareback saddles, they are not heavily padded.  They are intended to keep your bareback saddle clean and to be easily washed.  Available in a wide variety of colors and patterns, LittleJoe saddle blankets are never mass-produced but are individually sewn.  Each one is unique. 

when purchased separately.  Free with purchase of bareback saddle.


slicks moisture and sweat away just like a Neoprene cinch.

Helps keep 
saddle clean!


Allows your horse's skin to breathe,
keeping his back from becoming 
hot and sore.

Shop saddle blankets

View Fabric-Pattern Blankets

Pre-Made Blankets

When ordering, choose one of the four solid basic color blankets (brown, blue, black, green) in either style, standard or shaped. If you prefer a print saddle blanket, or a color other than the four basic colors, e-mail or call us for our current choice of print and solid-color fabrics.

There is an additional charge of $10.00 for print fabric, or for a solid color other than the four basic colors when ordering the free blanket that comes with saddle purchase.  There is no up-charge for non-basic fabric choices on blankets purchased separately.

Our saddle blanket design evolves for fit and comfort!

When we first started making bareback saddles, we realized that decorative saddle blankets were a necessary accessory--not for padding, but to help keep the underside of the saddle clean.  The bareback saddles are difficult to clean because of the leather seat, but a blanket can just be thrown in the wash.  The blankets can also be a great way to accent the color of your saddle, or your horse!

Ordinary saddle blanket doesn't fit a horse's contours Our first blankets had a conventional straight top profile, like the one pictured at left.  These worked fine under regular saddles, where the bars of the saddle press the blankets to the horse's sides and the gullet of the saddle puts no pressure on the top line of the blanket. 

But when we began using them with the bareback saddles
, we found that they wrinkled and bunched up behind or beneath the saddle, putting pressure on the withers. 
The difference is, of course, that in a bareback pad the rider's weight presses the blanket down onto the topline of the horse, and a straight blanket simply can't fit well under those circumstances.  So we redesigned the blankets, adding a large v-shaped gusset to accommodate the withers and a smaller one in the back to keep the blanket from pulling tight over the horse's hips, as shown.

To protect your horse's back, our saddle blankets have no seam down the center.  And the gusset seams are placed so that they never press on the horse's back.

LittleJoe saddle blanket contoured for better fit


Our latest model, the shaped blanket, which follows exactly the curves of our bareback saddle.  A great clean look.

Check out the smooth, tailored fit below!


At LittleJoe, kindness and originality always guide us
   as we develop better products for you and your horse.


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