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Keem's bridle

customized LittleJoe braided bridle

Hand-braided rope headstalls
 the best of old and new
in one practical work of art

  • Extremely adjustable for maximum comfort

  • Completely metal-free

  • Incredibly light and strong

  • Hand washable

  • Individually crafted, and can be customized with a wide
    variety of options

Both you and your horse will love how light these headstalls are, how a halter can fit smoothly under them (especially a matching LittleJoe halter!) and how they never irritate your horse's skin on even the hottest days.  With no straps to buckle, they are amazingly easy to put on and take off.  All you have to do is slide the throatlatch knot up or down.

To make them even more comfortable and practical, our bridles are completely adjustable by the use of hand-woven sliding knots.  You can easily change the length of the cheek-piece and the placement of the brow band.  You can use either ear on the one-ear bridles, and of course tighten or loosen the throat-latch.  You can switch bits, or go from a bosal to a bit, in mere seconds.

Headstalls $79.95
Matching headstall and reins $99.95

Completely adjustable
using the hand-woven sliding knots.  Switch bits in seconds--no wrestling with leather ties or looking for a screwdriver.


Virtually care-free
Will not stretch or get slimy in the rain, and can be easily hand-washed with warm water and dishwashing detergent.


Special request?
Just let us know and we'll do our best to make your headstall exactly the way you want it.

Want to get creative? 
Want to customize to your taste, or accent your horse's natural beauty with a decorative headstall?  How about adding removable tassels, like the one at right?   We can do that! 
Our removable tassels can be made with one or two colors of 3mm rope and black, gray, or chestnut hair. These tassels can easily be added to or removed from any item of tack without the use of metal clips. We will gladly make tassels with hair that you provide, perhaps as a memento of a favorite horse! Each tassel requires a hank of hair at least 12 inches long and about as big around as a thumb. We will return any unused hair.  Price: $9.95 each.  See examples of tassels on our headstall options page.



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