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Two knots are better than one

Designed to make training and trail riding more comfortable for horses as well as more practical for riders, Little Joe halters include these great features:

  • Unique noseband eliminates large side knots
  • Fits smoothly and flat under any bridle – never rubs your horse’s face!
  • Non-irritating, even on the longest rides
  • Exclusive throatlatch loop puts the lead rope clip under the chin, which eliminates annoying lead rope swing and lets your horse balance its head freely and naturally
  • Made of mountain sport accessory cord: virtually unbreakable; lightweight and comfortable for your horse.
  • Machine washable
  • Perfect for endurance and competitive trail riders
  • Comes in many attractive colors

any size, any color

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Guide to Choosing a LittleJoe Halter

Little Joe Horse Gear 3mm halter
Lightweight Halters for Subtle Communication

Your horse responds to your slightest touch. Why continue to weight down this wonderful guy or girl with heavy headgear? Reward your best horse with our lightest halter!

Made of 3 mm mountain sport accessory cord, it weights next to nothing, provides extremely subtle communication, yet is strong enough to use for ground work, tying and even trailering. You will love the way it virtually disappears under your bridle, and its elegant appearance compliments any horse. The matching lead rope has an extra-light clip.

Little Joe Horse Gear standard size 4mm halter
Standard Weight Halters

Made from 4 mm mountain sport cord, this halter is perfect for any well-trained horse. It is light, attractive, comfortable, yet extremely strong, and will hold your horse securely even if he pulls back or spooks.

Our test marketers found that the metal lead clip will break before the halter does. It is perfect for training and ground work as well as trail riding. With the perfect balance of lightness and strength, it could be the only halter your horse will ever need.

example of large/draft size heavyweight 5mm halter
Heavyweight Halters for Clear Guidance

Our heavyweight halter is made of 5 mm mountain sport accessory cord and is perfect for the horse who still needs more supervision and control. Incredibly strong, it provides you with the security and confidence you need for ground work and tying, while it helps you train your horse by giving him strong, unmistakable cues.

Even though it is heavier than our other halters, it is still lighter and more flexible than many rope halters, and because of our unique design, it still fits comfortably under any bridle.

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Every product we sell is used on our own horses every time we ride.

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