Innovative Lead Ropes

Strong, light and flexible

Our 10-foot lead ropes are made to match our trail halters, but they will work well with any halter.
And they’re beautiful, too!

Braided of mountain sport accessory cord, our lead ropes are:

  • Lightweight and less bulky than other lead ropes, yet extremely strong (exceptionally strong for its weight!)
  • Uniquely flexible and resilient – not degraded by water, sweat, soaps, detergents or insect repellents
  • Machine washable – when your gear becomes dirty, just throw it in the washer or rinse it at the wash stand
  • Perfect for trail or endurance riding
  • Many attractive colors to match our hand-tied rope halters
  • Designed so the clip can be easily replaced
  • Versatile 10-foot length


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Our extra-long lead ropes are great for everyday ground work. They are also very useful for emergency ground work (when you have to dismount to drive a horse over a trail obstacle, for example, or work the kinks out of an energetic horse), for grazing, or for emergency conversion into reins if the bridle breaks.

The LittleJoe halter has a loop at the throatlatch. When you are ready to ride, move the lead rope clip to this loop. This keeps the lead rope from swinging back and forth, especially at a trot or canter. It also removes the weight of the rope and clip from the horse’s nose and allows him to balance his head more freely.

Does Your Horse Pull Back?

Our clipless lead rope may be your answer
Clipless lead rope

Does your horse frequently pull back when tied, breaking his halters or lead rope clips? The use of breakaway halters just rewards the horse for pulling back, which can become a very dangerous habit.

Our clipless lead rope is:

  • An extremely useful training aid
  • When used with a 4mm or 5mm halter, eliminates weak points – very few horses can break free
  • Teaches the horse that pulling is useless
  • Provides a permanent connection to the halter for those who prefer it
  • Knot can be removed even after months of use (and pulling!)

NOTE: When using the clipless lead rope as a training tool, we strongly recommend that you tie the horse to something with a little give to it. Most commonly, a tractor tire or inner tube is fastened to a strong hitching post or tree, and then the horse is tied to the tire. This way he will learn that pulling back is useless, but he won’t hurt his neck or back in the process. See the process illustrated here.

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