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A dog’s idea of fun!

DOES THIS SOUND FAMILIAR? You go to a pet store to buy a tug-of-war toy for your dog. It should be easy. But the ones you find are too short, or too thick, or have no good place to grip, or are just too expensive.

Enter the LittleJoe solution:

  • Made from sturdy marine-quality rope
  • Toy can be thrown, twisted, flipped, pulled, chewed
  • Stands up to chewing and high-intensity play
  • Doesn’t get slimy
  • Comes in green or gold
  • Best of all, it’s priced the way a toy ought to be!

Even the smallest dog can get a good grip. Even the biggest dog can have fun. This toy can be thrown, twisted, flipped, pulled, chewed, and just generally messed around with. Some of our friends’ dogs play with it all by themselves, flinging it in the air and running to catch it or rolling around on the floor with it. Others bring it to their owners to play, or start wars with other dogs.

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Dog Toy made of braided rope.


Large (approx. 16 inches), Small (approx. 12 inches)


green mix, gold mix

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