Shipping Policies

How to Order

  • ORDER ONLINE: Browse the site and click on the ‘Add to Cart’ button of the product(s) you wish to purchase. Then follow the shopping cart instructions. It’s easy, and our SSL encryption keeps your data and credit card information completely confidential.
  • ORDER BY PHONE:  If you prefer not to use a card, you may also give us your order by phone and mail a check.  Your order will enter the production queue when your check is received.

Forms of Payment Accepted

LittleJoe accepts customer orders via online checks, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Dinners, JCB and debit cards with the Visa and MasterCard logo.

image of the forms of credit card payment accepted by Little Joe Horse Gear

Shipping & Handling

All orders within the U.S. are shipped via USPS. For international shipping, we use U.S. International Priority Mail.


LittleJoe Handmade Horse Gear is a made-to-order business: everything we sell is made for the customer who orders it.  We are not a factory or warehouse; we do not keep things in stock (except materials).  The time needed to complete an order will vary depending on how many orders are already in production, but it is usually just a day or two for a halter, a few days to a week for a lead rope or training rope, and 10-14 days for a saddle. 

We are glad to move your order to the top of the queue for a $20 rush processing fee, which is available in the shopping cart. This means your product will be made and shipped as soon as possible. 

Our cart is directly linked with the USPS, and shipping is calculated for each order based on weight, size, and distance.  You may be presented with several shipping options, but please remember that paying for faster shipping won’t help us make your order any faster!

International shipping & handling costs are as follows:

  • $20.00 for orders up to $50
  • $30.00 for orders from $51 to $100
  • $45.00 for orders $101 and up.

Guarantee and Return Policy

All LittleJoe products have an unconditional lifetime guarantee. If you are unhappy with any LittleJoe product for any reason, you can always return it to us for repair, size adjustment, replacement, or a full refund. Please contact us by e-mail or phone before returning any product so we’ll know your product is on its way to us.

The only things we can’t guarantee for the life of the product are the leather billets on the bareback saddles, since they will wear out with normal use. But we do offer a replacement service for them for a fee of $40 (customer pays shipping to us; we pay shipping to return the saddle to you.)

As a second option when replacing saddle billets, for a charge of $60 we will also take the saddle apart and wash/replace the filling as necessary, restoring your saddle to near-new condition.

The real Little Joe
The real Little Joe

Have More Questions?

Let us know if you need more information regarding our tack, special orders, or for any other questions you may have. We’re here to help!