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No-Bunch Saddle Blankets – FREE with purchase of a LittleJoe bareback saddle!

When ordering, choose one of the four solid basic color blankets (brown, blue, black, green) in either style, standard or contour. If you prefer a print saddle blanket, or a solid color other than the four standard ones, we keep a limited selection of quilted fabric prints in a variety of colors and often can find non-standard solid colors at fabric stores. View our current selection of prints at the link here. Email or call us if you would like to discuss a non-standard solid color.

There is an additional charge of $10.00 for print fabric, or for a solid color other than the four basic colors whether ordering with a saddle or buying a blanket separately.

  • Choice of two styles: Standard or Contour
  • Machine washable. Helps keep your saddle clean!
  • Exclusive fleece underside slicks moisture and sweat away just like a Neoprene cinch, keeping your horse’s back comfortable and allowing your horse’s skin to breathe, keeping his back from becoming hot and sore.
  • Innovative designs are contoured to your horse’s curves–won’t wrinkle or bunch & become uncomfortable
  • Express yourself! Match your horse or choose your favorite color.




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Quilted saddle blanket with fleece backing. Each blanket is made to order, and you can specify color and square (standard) or contour shape.

Make your horse more comfortable with a blanket that really fits… and help keep your LittleJoe bareback saddle clean at the same time. What could be better?

Since these blankets are intended to go with our bareback saddles, they are not heavily padded. They are intended to keep your bareback saddle clean and to be easily washed. Like the bareback saddles, LittleJoe saddle blankets are individually sewn to order.


example of good blanket by Little Joe Horse GearOur blankets are constructed with a large v-shaped gusset to accommodate the withers and a smaller one in the back, as shown. These help the blankets conform to most horses’ backs.

To further protect your horse’s back, our saddle blankets have no seam down the center, and the gusset seams are placed so that they never press on the horse’s back.

If your horse has very high withers or an unusually swayed back, call us and we can discuss special alterations.


Little Joe Horse Gear shaped blanket in red

At LittleJoe, kindness and originality always guide us as we develop better products for you and your horse.

Weight 20 oz
Dimensions 10 × 12 × 3 in

black, brown, green, blue


plain, pattern


Standard, Contour

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